Be Your Own
Password Generator

What is this?

This is a password generator that uses a video of you to generate a random password. You can find more details on my blog.

How does this work?

It records a short video of you and then transforms that raw video data into an array of 8-bit unsigned integers. Then it randomly selects an integer from that array and transforms it into its corresponding UTF-16 character. If that character is a lowercase letter, uppercase letter, digit or special character it will be used for your password. The process of selecting a random character continues until the password is long enough.

Is the video saved anywhere?

The video is only stored temporarily in your browser for playback purposes. The video will dissapear as soon as you close or refresh this page.

Is it safe to use these passwords?

I would strongly suggest that you do not use these passwords. I haven't run any proper entropy tests on the generated passwords. So, I can't confirm or deny the actual strength of these passwords. Please keep using your password manager to generate passwords.